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BIGTRUCKNUT 05-19-2013 05:56 AM

Cj8 build from parts
Started building a CJ8 Scrambler this month (May 2013) from a pair of old, rotted out CJs given to me by a friend. Already have a CJ5 that I drive daily and wanted to build a "first Jeep" for my youngest daughter since her two older siblings have Jeeps too (XJ and WJ). Basically, only useable parts off the two donor CJs are the drivetrains (258 and 304 w/T150s/D20s/D30s/AMC 20s) and some accessories/small parts. Frames and bodies are rotted beyond repair which led me to decide on a CJ8 since I was essentially starting from scratch anyway. All drivetrain components will be rebuilt before installation.

Ordered (and recieved last week) a TDK CJ8 frame configured for front reverse shackle using YJ springs and longer XJ springs in the rear. Expect to order a new steel body in the next few weeks. This CJ8 is going to be a dual purpose vehicle - daily driver and multi-purpose off-road vehicle that will need to be equally capable on the beaches of the Outer Banks, running through the mud, or out on a group trail ride with my daughter behind the wheel. Not building to "stock" necessarily, will upgrade parts/components as I go along. My general build plan:

-TDK CJ8 frame (stock wheelbase, front reverse shackle YJ/rear XJ springs)
-Steel body (basically unmolested)
-Tube front fenders
-304/T150/D20 engine, trans, t-case (for now however, toying with 6.2L diesel/SM465 idea for later install)
-D30/AMC 20 axles with upgrades for strength and traction
-35" tires
-Full cage
-Steel doors, soft top

Pretty agressive build; Trying to complete and have on the road by Labor Day 2013 (4 months build time!!!) Not my first ground up (but certainly the most ambitious), I have over 35 years of wrenching experience, and I'm not afraid to dig into any component. All work to be done by me with occasional help by family/friends as necessary. Wish me luck and check back in on the build to keep me motivated. Will post initial pictures within the next day or so and further posts/pictures as things get done.

Semper Fidelis,

BIGTRUCKNUT 05-19-2013 10:14 PM

Re: Cj8 build from parts
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A couple of pics of the "junk pile" I'm picking parts from, the new TDK frame, and my work rebuilding axles. D30 was completely rebuilt with new ball joints, axle u-joints, Lock-Right, and brake components. Working on the rear AMC 20 now, ordered and was going to install another Lock-Right but discovered it had a worn out Trac-loc case. Now waiting for new clutch pack instead. More to follow as I take components apart, clean up, and put back together. Hope that the front suspension components come in by Friday, I can get the frame prepped and painted in the next week or so, and I can start hanging parts to make it a roller.

gert 05-20-2013 05:45 AM

Re: Cj8 build from parts
:wtf: I see some 8 lug axles in the pic sure you dont wanna run them lol.... wow not used to seeing sawed up Jeeps like that

BIGTRUCKNUT 05-20-2013 06:53 AM

Re: Cj8 build from parts

Originally Posted by gert (Post 153557)
:wtf: I see some 8 lug axles in the pic sure you dont wanna run them lol.... wow not used to seeing sawed up Jeeps like that

Yeah, spare pair of Dodge axles (D60/D70) on the floor tht I got in a package deal with a NP205 that I put in my Ramcharger. Already have D60s in the Dodge so axles will just lie around waiting for a project.

As to the cut up Jeeps, frame back-halves were completely rotted, Neither was salvageable. The center section of both frames is still filled with red clay and rodent nests. Sawzall sliced through the frames like butter. The cut up pieces made it into the recycling can over the course of 2 weeks.

BIGTRUCKNUT 05-22-2013 07:27 AM

Re: Cj8 build from parts
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Buttoned up the front axle yesterday with brake caliper install. In all, stripped and painted the D30 housing and parts, pressed in new ball joints, all new bearings, seals, axle shaft u-joints, converted to disk brakes with new brake components and installed Lock-Right. Waiting for rear axle parts to come in order to put it all back together. Getting the same treatment as the front.

Warned the family that I might need some help sanding and cleaning the TDK frame for paint this there a better way to spend a holiday weekend?

Pic of completed front axle, please disregard the other garage "clutter".

thiswontbetooexpensive 05-22-2013 06:59 PM

Re: Cj8 build from parts
That axle looks great.:notworthy:

Don't worry about the clutter, I have two brand new bikes in my garage that my wife and I bought 13yrs ago! Only have around 10 miles on them...:chug:

BIGTRUCKNUT 06-03-2013 06:55 PM

Re: CJ8 build from parts
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Been cleaning, painting and assembling parts recently - nothing really sexy enough to post pictures. Did put a couple coats of black paint on the bare frame and hung the front springs and axle assembly to make it a partial roller. Got the new Trac-loc clutch packs installed in the AMC 20 axle diff and hope to get the axle, with all new 1 piece shafts and brakes, buttoned up by the weekend. New weld on spring perches inbound, need to determine what size lift XJ rear springs to use, and if I'll need to go spring over in the back to level out front to rear with reverse shackle and 4" springs up front.

Got a follow-up call from Willy-Overland today concerning my future purchase of a steel CJ8 tub from them. Once I get closer to having a full roller chassis with engine, trans, t-case installed I'll pull the trigger on the tub - right now I just can't fit a Scambler tub in the garage with everything else.

Going to post a question concerning CJ7/CJ8/YJ door compatability and interchangeability on the help section of the board. I don't have any experience with the square door opening Jeeps, if you have a link to a Jeep Doors for Dummies web article please forward it to me so that I can get smart.

Pictures of the painted TDK frame:

BIGTRUCKNUT 06-07-2013 12:27 AM

Re: CJ8 build from parts
Ordered a set of XJ rear springs from Ironrock Offroad Wednesday morning then went out to a local JY to find other parts. Lo and behold, I find the same set of Ironrock springs in good condition on back of a junked XJ. Quickly called Ironrock to cancel my order then got busy pulling the springs. Got them for $96, saved me over $360. That same XJ has a aussie locker in the rear diff, long arm front suspension, and a short t-case kit and CV driveshaft installed - may go back and get some of it for my daughter's XJ. A good find.

Stainless brake lines came today, hope that remainder of rear axle and brake parts come Friday so I can get the rear end together this weekend.

More to follow...

BIGTRUCKNUT 06-10-2013 08:05 PM

Re: CJ8 build from parts
Brake parts came and I've completed rebuild/install of disc/drum components. Threw on wheels/tires all around to now have a rolling chassis. Next effort will be an attempt to fire up the 304 using the Motorcraft carb I found on an old Mustang last Thursday that I rebuilt Sunday and the new HEI distributor. If successful, will prep motor/trans/transfer case for transplant into the Scrambler frame. Will share some pictures this weekend.

BIGTRUCKNUT 06-17-2013 10:07 PM

Re: CJ8 build from parts
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So, have the rolling chassis and threw on the big tires to get a feel for anticipated height. Nothing beats the look of a set of Swampers. Also have plumbed the front brake system and working on rear brake lines this week. Had planned on using the 304 as is from the donor '76 CJ5 but it just didn't seem right when I tried to crank it over. Pulled it out of the CJ5 yesterday and began to tear it down with the help of my youngest daughter (who will be driving this beast once completed). Since I have it apart, I'm going to freshen it up with new bearings, rings, intake, cam and headers. Pictures of my mess in the garage.

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