Default 1969 225 Dauntless build 

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Vehicle(s): CJ 6A tuxedo park, I joined this because I found this jeep and don't know any thing about it. It has a flat head 4 cyl, pto front winch looks like a Dana 20 front and a 44 rear but could be wrong, I'm just going off of what I know. It is a three on the tree.
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So I just picked up a 69 Dauntless for my 64 CJ 6a, and would like to start rebuilding it. I am having problems one locating some one who knows alot about these motors and two locating parts for it. I want to build it up, to maximize the full potential of this power plant. The only things I can find for it is a mean green starter and alternator water pump lol. I need seals, oil pan, and all the goodies like long tube headers. I know very little about his motor other than I know it runs and fits in my truck. I know they were only made for a few years before being changed and then forgotten about all together. I have also realized it is a solid motor as a whole, essentially every thing from the 350 v8 will fit except crank, cam and heads. So do I look for 350 parts or dauntless 225 parts. Any info that can be thrown my way is much appreciated, and I say good day to you kind sir!

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Default Re: 1969 225 Dauntless build 

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Did you look at Rock Auto for stock replacement parts ? You can find them other places, but you will hard pressed to beat their price on brand name parts, and on service.

1969 JEEP CJ5 Engine Parts

The about is a line for engine only, they have parts for your 64 as well:

1964 JEEP CJ6 2.2L 2197cc 134 cubic inch L4 1BBL F-HEAD Parts


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Default Re: 1969 225 Dauntless build 

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The "Dauntless" 225 V6 engine was introduced in 1966 in the CJ and C101 models. The V6 configuration of the engine makes it very compact which is a big plus in tight Jeep engine compartments. I have one in my 48'CJ2A. Kaiser purchased the tooling to build the 225 from Buick and later, AMC sold the tooling back to Buick.

This is the "Daddy" of the "79' Buick Regal Indy Pacecar" "Grand National", "GNX" & the "89' Turbo T/A" Ahhhh performance cars of yesteryear.
A desendent of this engine, the 231 (3.8L) V6, is used in GM cars to this day. The modernized and common 231 is a good canidate for replacing a blown-up 225. There are differences in the balancing of the engine though, so it can be tricky. The 225 is externally balanced and the 231 is internally balanced. This means you cannot just throw your 225 fly wheel on a 231, #1 the 225 flywheel is about 55 pounds. & the 231 must be balanced.The flywheel itself used with the 225 is not typical. The flywheels used in the Jeep vehicles are very thick and heavy to increase torque. The flywheels used in Buick cars are much lighter.Since the 225 is a Buick engine, it uses the standard Buick or BOP bell housing. BOP stands for "Buick, Oldsmobile & Pontiac". The standard Buick bell housing will bolt to a SM420, so this is probably the best transmission swap option for Jeeps equipped with this engine. The T-14 and T-86 3 speed transmissions used behind this engine are not known for their strength. Novak & A/A both sell adapters to bolt it to a T-90 also many other transmissions.The Buick 225 uses a cast iron block and cylinder heads with heavy duty shaft mounted rocker arms, mechanical lifters, 3 main bearings and heavy duty crankshaft. Davis Unified Ignitions aka DUI makes a HEI dizzy for the odd fire motors like the 225 V6. I see the pre 79' aluminum 4 barrel intakes on Craigs List & Ebay. The Offenhauser 360 Dual Port was popular on that engine with a 470cfm Holley Truck Avenger.
Of coarse a good dual exhaust system preferably with long tube headers.
Here's a Cam & lifters on Ebay:
Jeep Isky camshaft kit cam 225 V6 CJ5 CJ6 262H 1966-70 | eBay
IMHO the 625 cfm they call for is entirely to much to run on the trail though.

Dauntless Buick 225 V6
Bore x Stroke 3.75" x 3.40"
Displacement 225 (3.68L)
Compression Ratio 9.0:1
Horsepower (net) [email protected]
Torque (net) [email protected]
Main Bearings 3
Valve Configuration OHV
Fuel 2bbl


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Default Re: 1969 225 Dauntless build 

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Actually a Dauntless is 3/4 of a 300 cubic inch V8, 231 (3.8) pistons can be used after checking the block for core shift. With a little research you can find just about anything needed at Kanter, NAPA, AutoZone, and others, all the major cam makers list cams for odd fire Dauntless engines, just google "Dauntless", "odd fire Buick V6" or "225 V6" and start reading, Good luck, Shack


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Default Re: 1969 225 Dauntless build 

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Vehicle(s): 1986 cj7 258, t-176 4-speed, d-300, moser one piece axle in back in amc 20,G2 4.10 gears front and back, detroit truetac front and back,G2 4340 chromoly front axles in a d-30, 4" rough country lift, 33" tires
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I've have been thinking about doing a conversion in my 86cj7 to a dauntless V-6 I know sounds odd but with the 160hp and 235ftlbs it seems to be a nice little horespower up grade from the i6 when it dies that is depending on costs. I've found these web sites that may or may not help you may have already looked at them: and this: In this site some where I found a fourm on rebuilding and finding parts for the dauntless but for the life of me can't find it. IF I seem to find it i'll post it. You probbly all ready know or have looked at these sites. this site has headers for this motor. Don't know if it will help. But here it is. Guess what I found the web site for early cj5 I know you have a 6a but maybe this site can help

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1969 , 225 , build , dauntless

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